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Welcome! NSAA's New Artist Members for 2017!

The North Shore Arts Association is pleased to announce our newest juried artist members to offer them a warm welcome! Congratulations!
A large field of exceptional candidates applied for artist membership this year; we applaud all the applicants for their skill and commitment to their art.
The New Members Show, May 5- June 10, 2017, showcases the talents of the NSAA's thirty-one new artist members and their newest work. The opening reception for the New Members Show and Exhibition I will be held on Sunday, May 27, 2017, from 2-4 p.m.
Individual profiles of all 31 new artist members will be presented on these pages in three consecutive blog posts. Visit the artists' websites and see their exceptional artwork today and in person at the NSAA galleries starting this May!

North Shore Arts Association New Artist Members for 2017:

"Fisherman's Friend"
NANCY COLELLA earned a BA in Fine Art from Muskingum University, then studied painting at the Aegean School of Fine Arts in Paros, Greece and at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. After a career in the hospitality business and while raising two children, she resumed her studies at Mass. College of Art. She has studied with and is inspired by the modern contemporary painters Nancy Gruskin, Peggi Kroll Roberts, Ken Auster, Patti Mollica, and most recently, Catherine Kehoe. She is an Artist Member of the Copley Society, Boston, MA, and the North Shore Arts Association. She is a faculty member of the South Shore Art Center, Cohasset, MA, and the North River Arts Society, Marshfield, MA. Nancy teaches numerous workshops throughout New England and was awarded the Copley Society/Cape Ann Museum Artist Residency in Gloucester, MA for the month of September 2016.
"My paintings are continually evolving and have become a visual diary of my artistic journey. Over the past two years, my journey has taken me toward a less representational, more expressive approach. I am focusing more on the abstract elements of a painting, using shape, color, and line to express my intent. I have been experimenting with new materials, techniques, and approaches, and am finding each discovery an exciting step toward the next one."
The journey never ends, there is no there, there."- Nancy Colella
photo credit: "Fisherman's Friend", oil,  16 x 16" ©Nancy Collela

"Seine Field's Fog"
SUSAN E. DRENNAN was born in Winthrop, MA and grew up in Lynn, MA, where her parents and four siblings resided. Encouraged by her grandmother, an art collector, Susan has been drawing and painting from a young age. While attending high school, she was chosen to attend Massachusetts College of Art for a six-week class of her choosing.
After attending New England School of Art in Boston, Susan was hired to work in the art department of the Lynn General Electric Company as a graphic artist. Later, she worked as a Senior Technical Illustrator, receiving an award for the first computer-generated aircraft engine repair manual. She held that position for 15 years. She has also worked as a sculptor in clay relief and as a caricature artist for local companies. As President of the Danvers Art Association, she led the partnership with the Danvers Historical Society to save the Williams School building.
Susan continues to elevate her understanding of processes in the art field, having studied with many local artists, such as Phil Perkins, Margaret Laurie, David Curtis, Betty Lou Schlemm, Jack Jones, Paul George, Ron Straka, Jean Sbarra Jones, and many others, as well as Camille Przewodek of California. She has studied at the New England School of Art and Design, Mass. College of Art, Gordon College, and is currently attending Montserrat College of Art to finish her degree in Painting.
Susan strives for the excellence that leaves a viewer in awe. "I don't believe I have gotten to this point yet, but I continue to learn, practice, and strive to convey that feeling of amazement in all I create." Susan works in watercolor, acrylic, pastel, and oil, and often supports various ministries with her artwork, in service for Christ.
photo credit: "Seine Field's Fog"
© Susan E. Drennan

"Rocky Neck, Gloucester"
DAVID DRINON has been a New Englander his entire life, with roots in Maine and having lived in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Dave's passions are to paint New England seascapes and urban scenes. Although Dave came from an artistic family, he pursued a career as a financial advisor. Nonetheless, he continued to sketch, and paint, and take workshops. In 2008, Dave enrolled in a studio painting program at the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH, where he attended part-time for four years. In 2013, he transitioned out of his successful financial career to pursue his passion and become a full-time artist. In 2015, Dave was elected to be the Artist-in-Residence at the Whistler House Museum of Art in Lowell, Massachusetts.
Dave works in an impressionist style and his works are a combination of "en plein air" and studio work. Dave thrives on being out in nature and painting on location whether it be by the ocean or within a busy urban setting
Dave's painting are owned by individual collectors as well as many institutions, such as the City of Lowell; Boston Partners Financial Group, Andover, MA; Premier Beverage Corporation, Fort Lauderdale, FL; Lowell Community Health Center, Lowell, MA; Enterprise Bank, Lowell, MA; and the MKtix Company, Lowell, MA. In 2016, ten of Dave's paintings were selected for an exhibition in Boston at the Massachusetts State House (State Senate Council Chambers), which was open to the public and included in State House tours.
photo credit "Rocky Neck, Gloucester", oil © David Drinon

"Rocks Village Handtub Barn"
KAREN FITZGERALD lives and works in Newburyport, MA. Karen was an art teacher in the public schools for 28 years. Recently retired, and painting full time for competition and pleasure, in 2016 she accepted as an artist member of the National Association of Women Artists Association, NYC. "As far as I can remember, I always wanted to be an artist. I fell in love with the watercolor medium at an early age and although I have dabbled in many different media, it is still my medium of choice, my first love!" One of her watercolors was accepted into the juried 2016 North East Watercolor Society International Exhibit and another watercolor in the December 2016 120th Open Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, NYC.
Karen primarily works in watercolor but also paints in oils and exhibits her photography. Mrs. Fitzgerald has studied watercolor with Carlton Plummer, Betty Lous Schlemm, Cory Staid, Margaret Laurie, Charles Reid, and Carolyn Latanision. She received a BA from Lowell State in 1973, an M.S.ED from Mass. College of Art in 1979, and a certificate of Graphic Design from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in 1999. Her recent shows include a two-artist show "Oil and Water" (2016) at the Newburyport Art Association, and a one artist watercolor show at the Hamilton-Wenham Library (2016). She is also a member of the Newburyport Art Association and a member of the "Band of Brushes", a plein air group out of Newburyport.
photo credit:"Rocks Village Handtub Barn", watercolor © Karen Fitzgerald

"Cliffs at Sand Beach"
WILLIAM GOTHA has been enthusiastic about painting since he was young. He started when his parents gave him a pain-by-number set. Before long he was tired of staying within the lines, and asked them is he could have an old window shade that was collecting dust in the cellar. On it, he painted a small still life, and with that, his art career began. When he was twelve, he joined an en plein air group that painted on the town common in his home town of West Springfield, MA. The town fathers saw his painting of a historical home that sits on the common and published it on the cover of the town report.
Bill took courses at the George Vincent Smith Art Museum in Springfield, MA and continued to paint through high school and college. After graduating from Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA where he minored in fine art and returning from four years of active duty in the U.S. Navy, Bill started a publishing and marketing career in the Boston area. Eventually, he launched his own international marketing company and ran it for 20 years. There, he put his creative skills to work developing marketing and advertising programs for technology companies in Europe, Asia, and North America. During business travel and on family vacations, Bill continued to paint and study art. He visited numerous art museums in America and Europe, trying to learn more about color and brush technique by observing the masters. In 2010, after selling his marketing company, he began to plan his new painting career. He took advanced painting courses at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and in 2104 started painting full-time. Now, Bill spends much of his time painting favorite venues in New Hampshire, Maine, Cape Cod, and Nantucket. His landscapes and seascape capture the color and emotion of New England, often featuring dramatic light and composition. Bill exhibits continually with regional art associations and galleries; he is a juried member of New Hampshire Art Association and North Shore Arts Association, where he received two exhibit awards in 2016. He is also a member of Concord (MA), Rockport, and Cape Cod Art Associations. Recently he had a one-man show at the Greenwald Gallery in Lowell, MA and a two-man show at the Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery in Portsmouth, MA. Artscope Magazine, in reviewing his Lowell show, wrote, "His work conveys the atmospheric feelings of the places he paints, be it grass blades close by or threatening storm clouds hovering over distant mountains, and you can "feel" your feet balancing on the rocks or disappearing in the sandy roads he captures."
Recently, Bill traveled with his wife, Beth, to Montana to see friends and, as a result of the paintings he did there, created a new section on his website called "Western Art". One of those painting,"Black Mountain" was selected by the Missoula Art Museum for their 2017 exhibit/auction.
Bill paints in the field and in his home studio in Andover. He and his wife have two daughters and five grandchildren.
photo credit:"Cliffs at Sand Beach", oil on canvas, 18x24", ©William Gotha

STEPHEN ELLERY MANNING As an award-winning painter, I was encouraged to draw at an early age by my mother, a graduate of the Worcester Art Museum School.
I began painting in high school and thought about going to art school, but the Vietnam War had begun so I joined the Air Force. Even during my time as a Crew Chief working on C-141 Jet Transport Aircraft, I always found time to paint. After leaving the Air Force I went to Aircraft School to get my Federal A&P License to work on civilian aircraft.In 1972 I resumed painting, entering several local art shows and winning awards. I painted over 300 illustrations of private, corporate, and military aircraft as a part-time business.
In 2012, after being retired for a while I decided to start painting in watercolors, encouraged by my twin sister, who is a well-established oil painter. I taught myself to do watercolor portraits and probably
broke a few rules along the way. I entered my first portrait show at the Rhode Island Watercolor Society and won the Second Prize. In a very short time (2015) I became a Signature Artist. I now paint commissioned portraits, landscapes, and seascapes. My work can be found on Facebook at Realistic-Watercolor-Portraits.
Photo credit: "Kara", watercolor, 16 x20" © Stephen Ellery Manning

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North Shore Arts Association at 95: A Sculpture Garden of Luminaries

"Portrait of Finnish Youth" Walter Hancock
“The primary impulse in the Arts is to give permanence to the fleeting moment, to bid it stay, because we cannot bear to lose it.”- Paul Manship, sculptor

Many illustrious artists came together in Gloucester, in summer of 1922, to become the driving force behind the formation of the North Shore Arts Association. Cape Ann was beginning to gain national recognition as a major art colony. L.M. Vincent states "the artistic boundaries between Gloucester and Rockport were porous" with many artists holding active memberships at both art associations and also at major institutions in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and other large cities, a situation which continues even today. In the early years, it wasn't unusual for both North Shore Arts Association and Rockport Art Association to hold joint exhibitions in various venues in the Boston area.
*In Search of Motif No.1: The History of a Fish Shack, L.M. Vincent

This post highlights just a few of the major nationally and internationally recognized sculptors who are past artist members, many of whom were among the Founding Members of the NSAA.

"Girl on a Rock", George M. Aarons
George Manuel Aarons (1896-1980) emigrated from Russia at the age of ten. He attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, later moving to NYC to complete his studies. Eventually, he returned to the Boston area, establishing studios in Brookline and Gloucester, where he lived until his death in 1980. George was among the distinguished, early 20th century sculptors who started their careers as academicians and evolved into modernists and increasingly abstract artists. His work ranges in scale and scope from domestic to numerous monumental, public commissions throughout the US, France, and Israel.

George Demetrios
(1896-1974) emigrated from his native Macedonia to the US in 1911. He studied under Charles Grafly at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and finished his studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris. Returning to Boston, George
"Gloucester Harbor", George Demetrios
taught at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, where he met his wife Virginia Lee Burton. The young couple came to Lanesville to live and work, an area where Charles Grafly had summered. Mr. Demetrios won the Thomas R. Proctor prize for the best portrait in sculpture at the National Academy of Design's 125th Anniversary exhibition. In 1968, together with Walter Hancock, George was awarded the 75th Anniversary Medal of the National Sculpture Society. The artist is quoted as stating, "To me, the only artist is the independent artist, whose function in life is to contribute a perception of the times in which he lives, in the only international language in the world; namely understandable art by all"

Walter K. Hancock (1901-1989) Born in St. Louis, Hancock studied with Charles Grafly at the Pennsylvania Academy of Art. Grafly introduced Hancock to Gloucester,
"Angel of the Resurrection"
Pennsylvania RR War Memorial by Walter Hancock
and eventually named Hancock to be his successor as sculpture master at the Pennsylvania Academy. Hancock made his home in the Lanesville section of Gloucester and devoted his long and distinguished career to depictions of the human figure. His numerous monumental sculptures include the Pennsylvania Railroad War Memorial, in Philadelphia and the Stone Mountain Memorial in Georgia. His works are found in the Library of Congress, West Point, the Great American Hall of Fame and the National Cathedral.

"Joan of Arc" Anna Hyatt Huntington
Anna Hyatt Huntington (1896-1973) Founding Member NSAA Born in Cambridge, MA Anna's father was a professor of paleontology and zoology at Harvard University and MIT, and certainly was a contributing factor to her early interest in animals and animal anatomy. She studied with H.H.Kitson in Boston and later at the Art Students League in NYC. Anna was soon recognized as among the most prominent sculptors in New York city. Her work, combining vivid emotional depth and skillful realism brought her great acclaim at home and abroad. In 1915 she was the first woman in this country to create a public monument. Her work was erected in New York City, outside of Central Park. She was among the first women to be elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the National Academy of Design and the National Sculpture Society. Married to Archer Milton Huntington, the wealthy couple shared many common interests and together founded Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina, founded 14 museums, 4 wildlife preserves, and supported innumerable charitable causes.

"Persian Gazelle Hound" Amelia Peabody

Amelia Peabody (1890-1984) Born in Marblehead, MA, Amelia Peabody was a sculptor were animals, figures, and portraits. Living in Boston, she studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts with Charles Grafly and also was a student at the Archipenko School of Art and Northeastern University, where she earned an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree. In Boston, she was chairman of Arts and Skills for the American Red Cross. Ms. Peabody's preferred media were stone, bronze, and ceramics. She exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts 1922-1924, the Art Institute of Chicago in 1931, and the Boston Sculpture Society.

"Baby and Frog" Richard Recchia
Richard Recchia (1885-1960) Richard was born in Quincy, MA. His father, a marble carver, instructed Richard in his craft as a youth. Richard attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and during his student years and beyond assisted and worked in the studio of Bela Lyon Pratt. His mentors, B.L. Pratt, and Chester David French encouraged Recchia to travel and study in Europe. In 1927, upon returning from an extended residency in Paris and in Rome, Recchia moved to Rockport. There he met and married watercolorist and poet Mary Catherine Parsons, where both were very active in the artistic community and lived until Richard's death in 1960.

"Bessie" Katharine Lane Weems
Katharine Lane Weems (1899-1989) Famous for her realistic portrayals of animals, Weems was born in Boston and studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. She lived and worked for much of her adult life in Manchester, MA. Her monumental works in bronze include the much loved "Dolphins of the Sea" at the New England Aquarium, Boston, Ma. and the sculpture of the Asian hippopotamus,"Bessie', the original owned by Harvard University and a second casting residing outside the Elephant House at The Bronx Zoo.

Ulysses A. Ricci (1888-1960) Born in New York City, Ricci was apprenticed as a young man at the Perth Amboy Terra Cotta Works from 1902-1906. He left to attend the Cooper Union and studied at the Art Students League with James Earle Fraser and George Bridgman. Ricci opened his own studio in 1914, specializing in architectural sculpture. In 1914 Ricci was commissioned to create a series of sculptural decorations for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, which opened in 1915. Ricci created many sculptural friezes, decorative plaques, and elements for public installations across the country. He was elected as a member of the National Sculpture Society.


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Best of the North Shore: Vote for NSAA!

Help NSAA celebrate our 95th Anniversary season by voting North Shore Arts Association your favorite art gallery on the North Shore!
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North Shore Arts Association at 95: Looking Back; Looking Ahead

"Ice Bound Vessels" Frederick Mulhaupt, ca. 1920
As NSAA celebrates is 95th Anniversary, we look back at the rich history of Cape Ann and the daily lives of its hardworking people, as faithfully recorded by its resident artists. We are gifted with five senses, but to explore our personal and collective history, one of the most powerful senses is sight.
Visual artists record the world around them; the character of a physical place, the people who populate it, and something so much deeper and harder to capture-their interior lives.
Looking back through old, faded black and white photographs can bring us the grainy facts of a place, but it's in the artists' work we see that place in vibrant color through the lens of the human heart and the mind of the artist who lived and was fully engage in that moment of time. We are transported through time. What a wonderful gift it is to be an artist and what a gift it is to the world!
In 2017, NSAA celebrates our long, proud history and the lineage of fine artists who contributed so much to our understanding of their time and place; leaving us with magnificent works of art to reveal the past and to inspire our futures.
Artists create our futures, imagine and inspire our best selves and hold up a mirror to our times.
Come celebrate creativity with us and our 95th year!

A short history of the North Shore Arts Association

A small sampling of NSAA distinguished past artist members:

"Dorothea in the Woods", Cecilia Beaux, 1897
"Winter Sparkle", Paul Strisik, 1987

"Gloucester Harbor" Emile A. Gruppe
"Rockport In Winter", William Lester Stevens, N.A.