Friday, December 27, 2013

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  1. Finally summer is here! It's my first summer as an artist member of NSAA and it feels good. I applied for membership many times (when I wasn't ready) and now that I'm in, it feels like coming home. I wrote about it in MY blog here:
    Come up to Gloucester and see some art. There's no better place (or time) for it!
    Steven A. Simpson

  2. I am thinking about joining the NSAA and only recently found out that there was one. I am an artist and belong to other arts associations around the north shore. Here is a link to my gallery please take a look and see if i would be a good fit in the association there. Thank you

  3. A good day.
    Approximately 20 artists gathered at the NSAA for a paint out two weeks ago. Painting “legends” were there to offer their expertise, including a couple of nationally known plein-air masters Charles Movalli, Dale Ratcliffe, Tom Nicholas, Betty Lou Schlemm, Ken Knowles, Roger Salsbury, Paul Ciaramitaro, Ron Straker, and Herb Randle.
    In an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie painters learned, watched each other’s masterpieces develop, and listened to the mentor’s comments as they made their rounds.

    Many artists fought a stiff off shore breeze which according to Betty Lou Schlemn got into each of the artists paintings. Late in the painting session an impromptu group discussion occurred when painters gathered around Betty Lou to listen to art history being told by this legendary lady. Her spontaneous, inspirational talk weaved together emotional thoughts, teachings and anectdotes of her artistic life experiences. Her enthusiasm and excitement were inspiring. She said talking to us made her feel young again as she wrapped her walking cane across her shoulder forgetting for the moment her need for it. Later she invited all of us to a spontaneous critique on the narrow front porch of the NSAA where each artist had a chance to talk about the beauty found in each other’s paintings. With light hearted gestures Betty Lou gave her Insights into painting and talked about her personal experiences with notable artists of the past.

    What an inspiring time it was. It was a rare opportunity and a great gift and we really appreciate the kindness of the mentors who shared their time and talents with us.

  4. Wish I lived in Gloucester, and was a painter! NSAA sounds like an exciting arts organization. Bravo!


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