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A Wealth of Talent on Display at NSAA Holiday Festival Nov 14 & 15!

Trudy Allen
Among the many media she's mastered, NSAA artist member Trudy Allen of Gloucester brings her love of experimentation to her recent work, exploring the unusual medium of Alcohol inks applied to non-absorbent materials such as ceramic tile and Yupo, a synthetic, 100% recyclable, and waterproof paper, to create intense, vibrant colors and exciting results.

Susan Burton
"I've been working for eighteen years primarily as a painter until I discovered the wonderful world of gourds! After some reading, research and MUCH experimentation, I was hooked! The use of hard shell gourds has a very rich history in early primitive cultures and the challenge is creating fresh designs while honoring the past. I use a palette of mostly natural earth tones, using leather dyes and wood stain. This approach lets the natural beauty of the gourd surface to still be apparent. The carving (some are deep bas relief) or incising is accomplished with dental and machinists burs."

Robert Bliss
NSAA artist member Robert Bliss is a self-taught sculptor, an art that began in his childhood and continues to this day. After years teaching sculpture and having received much acclaim and many awards for his work in sculpture, Robert decided to try his hand at making decorative tiles because it was a satisfying way to capture nature. He is inspired by the ocean and its shore. He sculpts the original work in clay, makes a mold, hand presses the tiles, and lets them dry thoroughly before firing. After the bisque firing Bob and his wife, Karen, glaze the tiles and then they are fired a second time bringing out the beautiful, glossy, ocean-inspired color. Bliss Ceramic Studio production encompasses custom hand-sculpted ceramic tiles, ceramic pendants and sculpture in the round.

Jackie De Falco
Sea glass collecting has been a tradition of seaside residents and visitors for years but it's only in the last few years that collectors have begun to come together, compare "finds" and demonstrate their creativity in displaying or using the sea glass. Jacqueline hopes to share the beauty of sea glass through elegant, wearable art. The idea for Cape Ann Designs evolved after a year of creating and selling hair accessories under the name Beach Glass Barrettes by Jacqueline. Cape Ann Designs evolved from there-to reflect the indigenous nature of the artwork and the desire to make the connection between the natural beauty of the region and sea glass. After the first year, with input from customers, partners, and experienced designers the line was expanded to include a full range of hair accessories and jewelry. Jacqueline will also design custom pieces from her collection or yours!

Michael Foley
Working as M.S. Foley Stoneworks in Gloucester, the majority of Michael Foley's hand carved stonework is in local granite, and to a lesser extent, Berkshires and Vermont marble. He's had gallery exhibits and shows on Cape Ann, and in Nashua, NH and is an award winning artist member of the North Shore Arts Association. "Geometry and the love of natural materials are the driving forces behind my work. As a lifelong carver and career machine design engineer, I find beauty in both the gifts of the earth, as well as the wisdom of mathematics, which helps us to see our humble place in the universe. My sculptures, in their small ways, attempt to transform the fusion of these beauties into expressive forms, frozen in time, but warmed by each human hand which reaches out to touch them."

Deborah Geurtze
An artist/printmaker, Deborah Geurtze produces intricate etchings and monotypes that reflect her deep connection with nature, a force that directs both her life and her work. In describing her work, the artist notes, "Wilderness-its patterns and complexity-are a continual source of inspiration. My panoramas explore the ever changing natural world and give expression to themes of passage-from dark to light, along a country road, from man-made to overgrown, chaotic splendor."
Deborah attended Rhode Island School of Design and studied printmaking with Robert Bero at the State University College of Potsdam, NY. After teaching abroad at the American School of Tangier, Morocco, and at Vail (CO) Mountain School, she returned to upstate New York where she worked for 25 years. In 2011 Deborah moved to Rocky Neck.

Paige Wallis
A multi-talented mother of two, NSAA artist member, painter, illustrator and gifted costumer/milliner, Paige Wallis states, "I'm primarily a two dimensional artist/painter and up until fairly recently I'd never been much for head adornment. But, in 2012, I had the privilege of attending the Edwardian Ball in San Francisco and instantly fell in love with the art of it all. So much incredible-and incredibly inspiring!-music, performance, art, and fashion! My eyes were opened to just how much fun hats, fascinators, and various other over-the-top fashion accessories can be to make and wear. Look for Paige Wallis' table at the Festival where she will be presenting her one of a kind hats and fairy houses, as well! Prepare to be enchanted!

Lisa LeVasseur of belle + me designs
When Lisa LeVasseur and Anne Malvaux got together one day in the early summer to share some sauvignon blanc and make fun of the latest fashion trends, they decided to sit outside and take in the calming view of the ocean from Anne's front deck. The only problem was the weather. It was somewhat windy and there was a bit of chill rising off the water. Anne ran inside and grabbed a scarf and offered one to Lisa. Lisa said she would love to wear it but didn't want to cover up her gorgeous hand-crafted necklace just purchased earlier that day. The two ladies looked at each other and in that instant, of both necessity and vanity, their idea for belle + me scarves was born.With belle + me scarves, you don't have to choose comfort over style. Now you can have both because Lisa and Anne have created an exclusive line of beautiful scarves that come with the jewelry already on it! But don't worryThey also make the jewelry element easy to remove so that you can take it off one scarf and put it on any other scarf of your choosing, ultimately creating many different looks using just one piece of hand-made jewelry!Their tag line "Fun. Flirty. French." says it all!

Jim Trudeau of Wheelworks PotterySince 1985, Jim Trudeau of Wheelworks Pottery has specialized in wheel-thrown functional pottery finished in beautifully colored, durable glazes.
Jim Trudeau of Wheelworks Pottery holds a degree in Fine Arts from Washington State University and displays his work at art exhibitions and galleries throughout the United States. Visit Jim at the NSAA Holiday Festival November 14th and 15th to see a fine selection of pieces that reflect the process and rhythm of wheel throwing.

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