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Ginger Greenblatt Solo Exhibition May 6 - June 11

'The Friendly Neighborhood', Ginger Greenblatt

North Shore Arts Association's 2016 season opens with a special solo exhibition by artist member Ginger Greenblatt which runs from May 6 through June 11. "Meet the Artists" receptions for Exhibition I, the Robert Stephenson Retrospective and for Ginger Greenblatt's show will be held on Sunday, May 15, from 2-4 p.m.

Ginger's work is characterized by her confident application of lively color and the use of contemporary figural references set within a variety of landscapes, both urban and rural. The viewer, drawn into the story being told of unexpected and chance moments shared between people, is rewarded by the interplay of the formal structural elements and a sense of lingering emotional connection. Ginger, busy preparing for her opening, graciously agreed to answer some questions about her work and her background.

Interviewer: Please talk about your student years, and early career choices.

Ginger Greenblatt: "As a child I always drew and painted to entertain myself. I lived near New York City and had a love for both the older impressionism and modern inventiveness I saw in the museums, but didn't feel that's what I did. As a teen I did pencil portraits of my friends and oil landscapes for my own enjoyment. I became a nurse, worked at that for 40 years and don't regret it...wonderful work."

Interviewer: Do you teach at present or have you taught in the past?
Ginger Greenblatt: "I have taught drawing occasionally and informally and demonstrate portrait drawing."

'Connected', Ginger Greenblatt
Interviewer: What is your daily routine as a working, professional artist? Has your routine changed over time?

Ginger Greenblatt: "The routine of being a nurse kept me organized. Now, 5 years into my retirement, I'm still having a hard time forcing myself to be organized as a painter. I find myself unfocused and easily distracted by housework and other projects. I work from daily to-do lists."

Interviewer: Who are the painters who have influenced you the most? Were they all landscape painters?
Ginger Greenblatt: "Many years ago I randomly picked up Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting in a bookstore and was taken by it's scientific common sense in looking at a landscape. I still find that I can open that book and learn something every time. Hans Holbein the Younger's charcoal portraits have been a constant inspiration. Of course I'll always listen to what John Singer Sargent has to say. Because I love to have a major focus on people in my paintings, I admire many illustrators and have studied the techniques of Norman Rockwell and Jesse Wilcox Smith.

Interviewer: Do you paint on location or in your studio? With other artists or solo?
Ginger Greenblatt: "My preference is to paint from life. Often I take some reference photos and end up finishing paintings at home. Sometimes I start by painting people first from photos I've taken, then I go out and paint the background from life.

Interviewer: What ideas do find that you return to often; that your feel are most important to communicate to your audience? Do you use symbols?

Ginger Greenblatt:"My genre seems to be "People Doing Things They Enjoy". My goal in any medium is to focus on what is beautiful about what I'm seeing in life.

Interviewer: What is your relationship to the risk and sacrifice that are part of the life of an artist?

Ginger Greenblatt: "I've paid for workshops, supplies, and equipment with my other career earning. I'm not feeling the effects of trying to support oneself with art."
'Where's the Ball?", Ginger Greenblatt
Interviewer: How do  you see that your work has evolved over time? Is your work looser, more direct; do you take more chances artistically, or ask more of your audience?

Ginger Greenblatt: "Over the years I've become more interested in simplicity and balance and line and shape and overall design. Sounds like I'm about ready to start art school!"

Interviewer: Is there a work that you are most proud of? What were the circumstances that led to its creation?

Ginger Greenblatt: "I discovered in my 40's that a painting I did as a teenager had been saved and treasured...It's a long story. It kick started me to make serious plans to paint in retirement."

Interviewer: Which artists would you most like to be compared to? Ginger Greenblatt: "Recently some pen and ink drawings I did elicited the response, 'These remind me of  New Yorker Caption Competition cartoons.' I liked that a LOT!"

Please come to the NSAA Season Opening Reception on Sunday, May 15th from 2 to 4 p.m. You'll have the opportunity to meet Ginger in person and ask her your own questions!

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