Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Join NSAA for "Art Exhibition of the Seas and Science" & Dr. Ian Kerr of Ocean Alliance "Why Whales?" Lecture Sunday, June 26, 12:30- 4:00!

"Genesis", David Kapetanopoulos
This Sunday, June 26 at 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., CEO Dr. Ian Kerr of Ocean Alliance presents the first lecture "Why Whales?" in a series of thought provoking lectures and performances that will be presented this season at the North Shore Arts Association. The lectures, presented by Dr. Ian Kerr and Dr. Roger Payne of Ocean Alliance, and Karen Ristuben of Rocky Neck Art Colony will be the scientific component in a groundbreaking collaboration between Ocean Alliance, who's mission to protect and preserve our oceans and marine life will be allied with North Shore Arts Association and Rocky Neck Art Colony's missions of advancing the appreciation and support of the Arts. The first lecture, "Why Whales?' by CEO Dr. Ian Kerr of Ocean Alliance to be held this Sunday, June 26th, is free and open to the public and will be followed by a reception from 2 to 4 p.m., with the artists and scientists from all three non-profits on hand to meet, answer questions, and mingle with members of the community. A donation of $5. is suggested for entrance to both events.

The North Shore Arts Association's "Art Exhibition of the Sea and Science" is currently on display throughout the NSAA galleries. Although the exhibition includes painting, prints and sculpture of all genres and media, the exhibition has a special emphasis on man's relationship with the sea, and seeks to celebrate the ocean's vast beauty and to illuminate the progress being made and the  challenges remaining as we examine the health of the earth's oceans.

A very unique component of the "Art Exhibition of the Sea and Science" will be a show and silent auction of works by NSAA artists painted on original roofing slates removed from the historic Paint Factory building. These historic slates were donated to NSAA by non-profit Ocean Alliance and they provide the substrate used by Artist Members to create original works, each approximately 12" x 24" depicting a wide range of images inspired by Gloucester, the sea, and its inhabitants. Bids for the silent auction may be place June 17 through July 30 by visiting or contacting NSAA. One hundred per cent of the silent auction proceeds will go to fund the ongoing restoration the NSAA's gallery building and Ocean Alliance's Paint Factory headquarters. Click here:  http://nsarts.org/2016_Slate_Auction.html to see all of the slates available for bid from now until July 30th at 5pm. Visit or  call the gallery to place your bid!  978-283-1857

A short introduction to lecturer, Dr. Ian Kerr, CEO Ocean Alliance:"I think of our planet as Planet Ocean, not Planet Earth because almost three quarters of the planet is ocean." A self described adventurer who loves ocean science, Kerr was granted a Doctor of Humane Letters degree from the University of Southern Maine in honor of his 20 years of ocean research in over 21 countries.
On a trip out of Gloucester harbor in 1993 on a whale watch boat he saw the Paint Factory. Recognizing that such an iconic building, with its long maritime history, might capture the hearts and minds of people thereby stimulating their interest and involvement in ocean and whale conservation, he realized it would be a valuable place to headquarter Ocean Alliance. As a result, the organization contact the Annenberg Foundation which ultimately provided all the funds necessary to purchase the Paint Factory. Kerr emphasizes that, since the building is mortgage free, all donations go to the ongoing restoration of the Paint Factory buildings.
The OA organization is a pioneer in developing benign research tools for studying our oceans, the most recent iteration being drones-which they have dubbed "Snotbots"-which gather specimens from the spray spouted through the blow holes of whales. Award winning actor Patrick Stewart has long been a friend to Ocean Alliance and was instrumental in garnering funds for the "Snotbot" research program. This research method is hailed for its non-invasive approach to studying the health of whale populations.
When asked what is meant by "Alliance" in the OA title, Kerr said it "reflects the idea that, along with collaboration from many other scientific organizations, all of humanity needs to allied to preserve our oceans."
Finding Gloucester reminiscent of the small fishing village in South West England where he grew up, Dr. Kerr and his wife chose to make their home in East Gloucester.

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