Thursday, July 14, 2016

Karen Ristuben presents : The Intersection of Marine Science, Conservation, Activism and Arts" Saturday, July 23rd, 3:00 pm at NSAA

PRESIDENT OF ROCKY NECK ART COLONY AND ARTS/CONSERVATION ACTIVIST, KAREN RISTUBEN, IN A SPECIAL PRESENTATION, "The Intersection of Marine Science, Conservation, Activism and Arts". This is the third offering in a series addressing the interconnection of the Art and Sciences as part of NSAA's "Art in Action-Connecting Communities" initiative for their 2016 season. Saturday, July 23rd, at 3p.m. Open Free to the Public

About the Lecturer
Karen Ristuben, President of Rocky Neck Art Colony, Artist and Environmental Activist

Fascinated by the transparency and reflectivity of glass, and similarly those  qualities in our ocean waters, highly regarded Arts and Environmental activist and major force for the growth of the arts on Cape Ann, Karen Ristuben will offer a dynamic look at the ways in which marine science, conservation, and the arts can positively impact each other. Through photography, video, sound, and performance with "environmental advocacy at the core" her goal is "to expand the efforts of scientists working on issues of ocean contamination and public health" and to stimulate interest, involvement and awareness in the general public.
By using the arts to present fascinating information about our ocean environment, she believes that visual, sensory offerings provide an emotional experience allowing audiences to come away not only with new and interesting information, but also a desire to learn how they can make a difference. Aesthetically compelling experiences can be transformational in stimulating individuals' discovery that they can, in whatever way personally appeals to them, make a direct difference in the protection of our oceans and planet.
Karen Ristuben's presentation promises to be not only an innovative educational experience, but also a stimulating and exciting melding of the Arts and Sciences.
Supporting Ocean Alliance's mission to protect and preserve our oceans and marine life and North Shore Arts Association and Rocky Neck Art Colony's mission of supporting the arts, an "Art Exhibition of the Sea and Science" continues through July 30th in the galleries of NSAA. Although works of all genres will  be on display, the main focus will be works depicting the sea and Cape Ann.
 The North Shore Arts Association's galleries are open, free to the public, Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, Noon to 5 p.m.           

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